Creation Care

Creation Care


Caring for God’s creation has been our mantra from our very inception. Over the years we’ve helped people of faith to connect their theological teachings and belief systems with positive environmental actions. We do this with a focus on seven thematic areas; Faith Consistent Use of Asset, Education, Wisdom, Lifestyle, Media and Advocacy, Partnership and Celebration.

We keep supporting faith-based institutions and leaders to advocate for clean environment within their community and beyond.

Church Engagement and Education

In 2022, we created the platform to educate the Christian community on the need to care for God’s creation using biblical references and practical actions. 

  1. Teaching from the Pulpit: We spoke on the theme ‘The Christian and The Environment’ in two churches (Emmanuel Presbyterian Church and Evangelical Presbyterian Church) during their Sunday Services.  
  2. Two workshops for church pastors and leaders to learn the Theological Basis for Creation Care and Practical Action.  

Faith in action

This is the practical environmental action by the churches we engage. We distributed over 150 tree seedlings to churches on Sundays to share with their congregations for planting. They were also given free reusable shopping bags as a substitute for single-use plastic bags

Plastic Recovery Action 

We helped the Presbyterian Church of Ghana enroll their entire 40 Districts in Accra in the plastic recovery program. So far, 10 of the districts have received wire-mesh receptacles which are currently placed at their church premises to recover plastics. Members bring their plastics from their homes and within the community to the church. These plastic wastes are later collected by a plastic recycling company. About 6000kg of plastics that would have otherwise gone to the landfill or blocked waterways are recovered every month and recycled. This intervention has been extended to the Muslim community.


Theological schools programme

A Rocha Ghana and Akrofi-Christaller Institute Partner to Protect the Environment

A Rocha Ghana (ARG) in partnership with the Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture (ACI) has initiated a programme to teach and inspire clergy and lay church leaders to care for the natural environment. The programme dubbed “Creation Care Theological Education Programme,” provides support and creates awareness to enhance the knowledge of creation care studies and its practice in an African context.



The creation care interfaith programmes utilizes the caring for creation teachings found within the fabric of faith of both Christians and Muslims to raise environmental awareness and at the same time as platform to build and sustain peace within communities. 

  1. Interfaith for Plastic recovery programme: we were able to setup a plastic receptacle within the premises of mosques and churches to recover plastics. This also offered us the opportunity to unite interfaith leadership and followers within these communities under Interfaith for Environment forums to dialogue on environmental issues. These educational programmes have benefited over hundreds of people in the Muslim communities 
  2. It has become a practice of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission to have a total waste separation during their annual national conference. They recover over 3000kg of plastics during these conferences. 
  3. Ahmadiyya Muslim Television:  The programme seeks to educate the Muslim communities specially viewers of Muslim Television Ahmadiyya on environmental consciousness and practical environmental conservation.  We have been able to highlight the importance of wetlands such as the Sakumono Ramsar site. Captured the adoption and planting of over 3,000 trees at the Shai Hills Forest reserve.  


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